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Scott Phillips Jr.
President & Founder

It’s hard to imagine more humble beginnings in the real estate industry than Cleveland, Ohio in 2007. Scott Phillips Jr, at just 24 years young, joined Real Living, Inc at the beginning of what would become the largest housing recession in his lifetime. Over his first two years in the business more than 35% of the agent work force in his region either retired or left the business and even more agents saw a decline in sales of 45% or more. Knowing so little about the business prior to this economic decline, Scott utilized his limited real estate background to help market and sell townhomes in the community he’d just bought a home in- Battery Park, which had recently laid off 50% of its sales staff. As the economy continued to decline, Real Living, Inc. sold out to a competitor leaving Scott in a position to re-start and re-focus his business. At first he considered staying with his existing office under the new company culture, but he quickly realized that Keller Williams Realty offered the right services that would eventually help him propel his business to new heights.

After joining Keller Williams Realty in 2009, Scott quickly emerged as Cleveland’s #1 Realtor in sales volume, a status he has retained in 2010 and 2011 as well! With his practice almost exclusively focusing on new construction sales, he began to develop an infrastructure and training regiment to proactively “manufacture” new homes salespeople. In line with the company mission of “Creating Careers Worth Having, Businesses Worth Owning, and Lives Worth Living,” Scott has helped several agents double, triple, and even exponentially grow their businesses by unlocking the potential of new homes sales! All the while, Battery Park has led Cleveland in new homes sales and several other developments Scott and his team represent have followed closely behind.
Being a well-travelled and well-networked agent, Scott has heard all the opinions about Realtors working in new home sales. He remarks, “Home builders and real estate developers need our help. However, the average Realtor has not yet shown a builder/developer that we have the knowledge, experience, and background to increase their sales and decrease/manage their sales/marketing expenses, which can dramatically benefit their bottom line.” It is Scott’s intention over the next few years to revolutionize the new homes sales industry with his partners on the KW New Homes Team!

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